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  1. Dear Mireille,

    Thank you for your wisdom and your newsletters. I do love the MIR method. Although I am a newbie – having discovered the MIR method only weeks ago, I do feel that it is very helpful and my body, mind and spirit are already reacting in surprising ways.

    With regards to #9, Clarify Mission, as I have understood from my spiritual teachers, one’s mission in life needn’t be one of actively going out and changing the world, proselytizing, or being a revolutionary…

    There are also the silent ones that can create subtle energy changes in their environment, who can calm the waters in any situation. The silent ones that act as beacons of peace who can change negative, volatile environments sheerly by virtue of their powerful groundedness. Their inner peace shines brightly and they need not even say one word. Some of these people need only walk down the street, or through a crowd and bless everyone. The Indigo children and the Chrystal children were said to have this – dare I call it Superpower?

    They needn’t preach about anything as their energy, actions and demeanors speak volumes. There’s a feeling when they walk into a room, many may not be able to pinpoint what this is, but they are benefitted from a beautiful presence and energy none the less. Those who are ready come to them and ask them how they can find that certain something within themselves.

    With # 9 it must also be acknowledged that there are many ways a mission in life can be manifested. The gentleman, Charles in the aviation industry, who wrote below need not change who he is at all. Maybe there are more subtle ways of planting seeds in those who are seemingly not ready or unable to open their ears or their eyes…

    Please forgive me if it is not my place to “have my say here”. I felt moved to write and so I did…

    Thank you again for your work!

    All my best,


  2. Dear Mireille
    Love reading your messages. They are so meaningful. I have been doing the 9 steps for over a year now. Everything in my life is falling in the right place. Thank you for so much of encouragements. Have now started to do the 9 steps for my children once Everyday. Hope they can also have a balanced life.
    Thank you so much. Love and light

  3. Hi Mireille,

    I’m familiar with The Work, have used it and know it works. I’ve also been using the MIR method for around two years now.

    The “Clarify Mission” is very pertinent with me currently. After having been out of aviation for four years I finally managed to find a job on a flight deck this year. However, the airline has been going through much change and many people are negative and continually moan. It’s not easy sitting next to a pilot colleague who does nothing but complain the whole day. I try to help them change their perspective by talking about gratitude and using other spiritual teachings. This has only caused me problems. I’m seen as “odd” and have been told my my boss that I’m forbidden to mention anything of a spiritual nature in the cockpit. If pilots want to moan, to let them moan and show more empathy. Basically I can’t be me.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I need to leave this field (which is a shame as I still enjoy flying) and look to where my input/experience is welcome.

    So yes, please…”Clarify Mission.

    Love and light,

    • Dear Charles,
      How hard it can be to be around complaining people… What I learnt from Marshall Rosenberg, is that people who complain, actually cry out for needs they have. The need to be heard, be seen, for example. Maybe there is a change in tactics necessary in your communication so you can still stay in your job. Who knows… maybe something will cross your path that DOES allow you to work within aviation, but with more positive people around you. I wish you changes for the best, in nearby future!
      Thank you for embracing the MIR-Method!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

      • Yes I think everybody would learn nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg, we would all be able to get along.

  4. Hi Mireille
    As always you write so simple, well and meaningfully.
    You are making a difference and you will continue to do so.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Jaswinder,
      Thank you so much for encouraging me in my work! It’s people like you who help me continue and who show me how helpful my messages are. Thank you! May the MIR-Method bring you much good!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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