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89. Are You a Bearer of the Truth? — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, I can relate to this, I’m a Spiritual Teacher, showing people they are not their thoughts and emotions or personality inheritance. I have found the MIR-Method very helpful but seemed to have stopped using it recently. This came through as a reminder for me to keep using it, thank you!

  2. This is a great article! I’m indeed a truth bearer…jaguar spirit animal to the core. I don’t do it at all in an arrogant, or self righteous way, it just ‘is’. For sure I’ve been met with those that would rather decorate around the elephant in the room…which is really perplexing to me because I clearly see the elephant and in fact…it would feel as though I’m lying to just go along with their lie, something I innately can’t do.

    The quicker we know the truth, the quicker it can be remedied and worked through so we can all get on with living and loving our true self.

    It’s confusing to me when people negate what is so evident. With age, I’ve learned to…how to put this…have better bedside manners with individuals that would have a challenge with hearing something that would hinder their false security with the untruths they’ve been nurturing. Ultimately, I wish for them to be set free of those chains because I see how awesome they truly are, so if abruptness is only going to keep them running…no success there.

    In this lifetime, my viewpoint is: no stone left unturned or inspected and worked through if it’s negating me from being my true self. It’s liberating and indeed, extremely challenging at times, especially when looking full on at parts of your shadow self…but what else is there if you’re not being true to yourself? Living your life to the degree of your false self only negates your true happiness. That ‘heaven on earth’ mantra is real when you’re in alignment with how beautiful we all truly are…and I want in on that…so if by bearing the real-deal truth helps someone get there…then so it is.

    We can all reach the finish line…but no untruth or lie will ever get you there.

  3. I think you called me out, here, Mireille! Haha… It’s a good thing I already do the MIR-Method 😉

    • Dear Ginger,
      Yep, it’s a good thing you recognize it! And I am sorry when at times it can be a tough mission!
      Good luck! And thank you for all the help you give us with getting the book out in English!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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