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Webinar ‘The Price of Loneliness’ — 3 Comments

  1. I am struggling with anxiety and depression and just horrible distressing thoughts, this year since July has been an nightmare for me and my dear mom –who is now in a care home awaiting a permanent placement.

    I feel so alone, so it was so apt to see your new video which I want to watch asap. I feel all alone because I am alone, mum was a one off, and very kind and spiritual –not going to be able to replace her –many other people pay lip service to caring, and obviously most do have their own stresses– can I really feel better with the MIR for this issue can I learn to cope despite being so alone, with many problems linked in to all of this. Thank you


  2. Oh, Mireille, what a gift you are. Thanks so much.

    This was a great webinar.


    Louise from Nova Scotia

  3. Beste Mireille,

    Hartelijke groeten vanuit San Diego!
    Ik vond de uitzending van vandaag uitstekend.
    Ik ervaar altijd een wereld van goed iedere keer dat ik de MIR methode met de hele meute meedoe.
    Ik kan de kracht van iedereen meteen voelen.

    Thank you, thank you,,thank you!

    Veel groeten,

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