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76. Five Questions for Taking Decisive Action — 4 Comments

  1. You asked why I stopped using the MIR Method. And I DEFINITELY noticed that it helped me. Well, I believe I was supposed to say the phrases twice daily for so many months and then stop for a while. So I repeated the sayings religiously twice a day for a year or something – then stopped. I don’t remember when I was supposed to start. I had the phrases memorized. Now I forgot them. And I bought those little cards but only kept one. I have it somewhere. If I start again, I don’t want to stop.

  2. The MIR-Method has helped me and caused me to let go of old patterns. Detach father/mother, fulfill basic needs, chakra/aura and clarify mission. Those were the most important points for me. Every time I said them, I got a special feeling. I freed myself from old obligations and feelings of guilt, started taking better care of myself, have been setting boundaries and said goodbye to friendships which didn’t function, while other friendships have become closer again. I’m more attuned to my spiritual needs, take time to read, paint and be in nature. My mission is to love the people around me; it doesn’t matter how. Through volunteer work, through being a caregiver, through a conversation and having fun. Thank you for sharing this simple but effective method. Help will cross everyone’s path, we just have to have the courage to accept it and see what’s really living inside of us!

  3. Dear Mireille, I am practicing the MIr-method only since July. Fortunately I don’t have complaints. Now I realize that I prepare my meals with much more love and I have nearly stopped eating sweets. I notice that I enjoy food much more und more intensive.

    • Dear Heidi,
      GREAT! Those are the signals you can look for and yes, it has all to do with a shift inside you: you are loving yourself even more. Wonderful!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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