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  1. I am so loving your article(s) – especially this one! And I enjoyed reading all of the fellow lovers of farmers market and home grown care people. I too am an earth momma and love to help we’re I can and I enjoy making delightful meals for those who have had a change of dietary needs as I have fantastic solutions that help me know to how replace the allergic type foods and/or unhealthy processed factory food. Thank you dear for sharing this. I just now finished a scone I make out of garbanzo beans with no sugar, eggs, dairy or wheat – a recipe gifted to me from the eithers.

  2. I enjoy preparing & cooking my own meals. There’s a v addictive aroma from fried garlic & prawns. All the senses are involved in healthy eating & although I occasionally eat out it’s very satisfying to sit down & thoroughly enjoy what you’ve just prepared. I started doing the MIR method in last week- some nights I forget to fo the sequence. Its a v positive affirming routine & I do believe it helps lessen pain & negative energy building up in the body. Thank u Mir for your inspirational messages

  3. I have a passion for produce!!!

    Sometimes, when I go to a particularly vibrant market, especially an outdoor one where there are vegetables and luscious fruit being offered by farmers and lovely wholesome looking people who live close to the land, offering me their food grown with good honest hands, I feel so very happy. Looking at everything, taking in the scents and colors. tasting, touching, smiling, talking with the farmers, it fills me up with life force, prana – I feel the energy of the life in the food and I almost swoon and go weak in the knees. I find it so intoxicating! Because this is life in my hands, pulsating in harmony with the Cosmos. It is very powerful amd beautiful and YES!!! It makes me feel happy and joyful!

    • Dear Martha,
      Sounds like a wonderful food mission, eh!? You got me drooling, describing that heavenly love-grown food!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  4. Dear Mir,

    I just love the Love I feel in all your writings.
    So I wanted to tell you how I feel this morning.
    Thank you so very much for this Love that you share.
    I want you to know you have succeeded in touching my heart.
    It is a beautiful energy you carry.
    I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

    May You Be Blessed!

    Grateful Martha

    • Dear Martha,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! And it is thanks to the readers that I can keep doing it, because it’s so wonderful to see that people actually receive my messages!
      Thank you and good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  5. So my mission definitely has to do with food and nature. With animals, often lost, with plants that I buy half price as they are almost dying and I revive them. And yes …. food must be a joy for your eyes and your nose. Without the smell, you cannot taste your food. In an Ayurvedic sense, food is divine and healthy when it combines all 6 tastes. So vegetables and herbs and spices must be combined to make sure you have all these tastes in a meal. I did grow my own vegetables and it was really fun. Especially when one day I discovered a bright orange round pumkin high in my olive tree… But for the last couple of years, Jose is growing ecological vegetables for his living, So I buy from him. And of course, when he needs help, I am there planting with him. A couple of weeks ago, some other friends and me helped him plant over 3000 white sweet onions and I really had a lot of fun helping out and getting my hands dirty in the earth. I sure am a nature worker and love it.

  6. Yes, I recognize myself, just love food, both cooking and eating! I only use mostly organic ingredients. It makes such a difference. As I live in an apartment I don’t have much space but have lots of delicious herbs growing on the window sill and also different plants. Also care very much about nature. I am also at therapist and work with healing and use crystals which come from the earth, flower essences…. Just love reading all your blogs, keep them coming…

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