Do you suffer from  emotional problems and have you noticed that they have improved because of the MIR-Method, or have they even disappeared altogether? That’s great!  

We’d like to hear from you about what has improved! Please answer these questions:
1. How long have you done the MIR-Method?
2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life? 

At the bottom of this page is a form, which you can use to report your results. By clicking on “End”, you’ll jump to the form.  

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Emotional Problems — 25 Comments

  1. Hi Mireille – it is now about three months since I completed the MIR-Method course and I have to say it has helped me enormously. I was very depressed when I started, extremely anxious and low both physically and mentally. My life really is now turning around in every respect. Thank you so much. It’s fascinating how the positive effects have gradually seeped into all aspects of my being and still are doing so. Amazing!

  2. Before I begin:
    I am a self-employed mortgage advisor.
    The financial world is a world full of energy with, for me, strong challenges.
    The theme of my personal life is always having a feeling of shortage.
    Would say my self-worth is pretty low.
    Doing the MIR-Method:
    I really couldn’t have thought a half-year ago that stroking the 9 steps into your body could imperceptibly bring about such big changes in how you feel.
    I didn’t understand some of the MIR-Method sentences but I did it using the exact words and in the exact sequence.
    The first 3 weeks, I didn’t notice anything. Just kept at it.
    After 3 to 4 weeks I felt like I wanted to kiss/hug my hand.
    That was such a strange feeling!! I did it and still hug my hand after doing the 9 steps. I just love myself! The feeling comes automatically.
    A lot more self-worth!
    Stand in my own strength better.
    There is more than enough.
    I transfer this energy now, almost automatically, to money.
    My way of thinking about the MIR-Method:
    By stroking energy into your body by doing the MIR-Method, you can’t help changes from taking place. It will happen, guaranteed! Whether someone believes it or not. It happens.
    This question has given me the opportunity to really truly thank Mireille for the development of this. I like reading her newsletter and it always makes me happy.
    And it is soooo simple!
    A heartfelt greeting from Jose

  3. Dear Mireille,
    I’ve been doing the MIR-Method since January. Every day for the first 4 months, after that once every week/2 weeks. I’ve noticed a positive difference in all kinds of ways, especially emotionally.
    I wish you and everyone who reads this a fine summer!
    Hearty greetings, Chris

  4. Hello Mirielle
    I have worked through many emotions with old emotions from the past. Both of my parents passed away a few years ago and after a long process with the inheritance, finally had the time to work through this and with the MIR-Method have been able to deal with an awful lot of grief, anger, old fears and loneliness, and the period in which my husband was addicted and had to raise my children on my own, have been able to deal with all of those old stubborn feelings.
    It was difficult but with this method combined with professional help a lot of these emotions have now flowed out of my system via my foot chakra. I just felt it flowing out and also via my hand chakras. Extraordinary.
    My intestinal problems have improved and also my lung problems have improved somewhat. I’ve been going to an acupuncturist for the past 5 months and that’s going better as well. My lung meridian flows better, my kidney meridian flows better as well as my liver meridian and the hay fever problems have improved quite a bit as well as lung problems and menopause problems. Since the MIR-Method, hormone swings, but were always intense. All things considered, my health has improved greatly.
    I’m going to continue with the MIR-Method.
    How wonderful, Mireille, a year ago received a message from above that I’d meet a woman with a simple healing method and indeed, I ran into her and now spiritually much better, even my dna is changing by cleansing my body and spirit.
    Therefore I thank you and everyone else who has cooperated to form this method and the support and direction from above.
    We’re heading for a new age.
    Friendly, loving greetings from Elly de Jonge

  5. Dear everyone,
    I’d like to share my experiences with you, because they are so wonderful and I wish this for everyone!!!
    In October 2013, I started doing the MIR-Method, first steps 6 and 7 and after that, the 9 steps. After doing it for 4 weeks, I contacted MIR-Method coach Margreet Pielage from practice Terra Mater in Ommen, in connection with problems related to the fear of abandonment and jealousy (every relationship I’ve ever had up to now has been destroyed by this). Because of this, Margreet set up a personal protocol for me. What happened after this is almost unbelievable… It was like a tornado. I’ll try to keep summarize it for you concisely and clearly, while in reality it all happened at once, or in any case, one thing right after another.
    My relationship ended. I was, of course, very sad about this but was able to keep my distance from it and to just let it happen. After a period with distance, I realized myself that we were not the right people for each other.
    My landlord became aggressive and because I rented a floor in his home, could no longer live there. Filed a report with the police, put my things into storage and went to stay with someone. What I am very proud of is that during my landlord’s attack (he yelled and kicked) I myself remained calm and said, “Let me go, let me go and I’m going to report this”. By doing this, I left the aggression with him and I, of course, did what I said I would. In the meantime, I was home (where I was staying) with a burnout caused by poor working conditions and my personal situation. I couldn’t go on and didn’t want to at that employer. After a few months, the company went bankrupt and I was fired. Shortly before this, I realized that I get very happy when giving reiki and through this, helping other people without giving myself away. I am now setting up my own practice, slowly but surely!
    The relationship with my mother had become very bad after my father suddenly died 15 years ago. The roles reversed and I took care of her instead of her me. I couldn’t keep going on with this either and looked for a way to improve the situation. I decided to do this with the family, since a conversation alone with her didn’t work. It worked immediately! Our relationship is now completely restored and we are both very happy about and thankful for this. My mother now sees what happened and how it wasn’t as it should be anymore. What a relief!
    The relationship with my best friend is also much better. I am especially no longer afraid of hurting her and therefore, no longer afraid to be honest. All in all, it has become difficult for me not to express myself. I don’t let others cross my boundaries as easily and I am no longer afraid to stick up for myself. It matters less and less what other people think of me but it does matter to whether people or situations make me happy or not. And I act on this, with respect. I’m learning to listen better and better to what I feel and that creates a great deal of peace.
    Thank you, Mireille, Margreet and everyone who does the MIR-Method and shares! I really believe that world peace is possible with the MIR-Method!!
    A warm greeting,
    Anneke Rozemarie

  6. Thank you very much for the MIR-Method; it’s a nice moment during the day. It’s helped especially emotionally and I feel milder towards and get less irritated by the people who previously could really push my buttons. That was my reason for doing the MIR-Method. In addition, I have trouble sleeping and the first 2 weeks I slept really well but it’s been dreadful now for the past 2 weeks; I’ve also had a sore throat for 2 weeks and my voice is hoarse, which don’t seem to go away. I don’t want to take antibiotics and think it’s got something to do with the MIR-Method. Just wait and see? Once again, thanks for the MIR-Method.

    • Dear Astrid,
      Yes, just continue. Sore throats often involve chakra 5, the throat chakra. When it slowly opens up again, you start to speak your truth more. Often you literally get a sore throat or a hoarse voice. Sleeping problems can be persistent and have many causes. I’ve written 2 articles already about this. If it goes on for too long, you can always consult a MIR-Method coach.
      Hearty greetings!
      Mireille Mettes

  7. Hello dear Mireille.
    I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for 41 days now. I’ve had all kinds of experiences, such as clearly detoxifying, but especially psychologically, just as I expected. You see, I began the MIR-Method most especially because I am convinced hat every experience of my life, and therefore particularly the traumatic, frustrating and stressful, have nested into every cell of my body, because every cell has 100% consciousness. Although I’ve had a number of therapies, both mainstream and alternative, not one has worked on a cellular level. And now I have the feeling that the MIR-Method really does work at that level.
    How? Well, more and more traumatic memories are coming to the surface, but I approach them differently now, feel them and let go. I that the Course in Miracles also played a role in this, but doing the MIR-Method as well feels to me like a loving and tender supplement. I am mot certainly not finished with this yet; I also don’t have a deadline for the MIR-Method and may apply it the rest of my life. And, I know that after tomorrow, the coaching e-mails will stop, which I will miss, but I can still re-read them. In addition, I hope, with my sister, to be able to attend one of your lectures. Mireille, I want to heartily thank you for the love that you send people via your videos, your e-mails and your answers. It always moves me. I would like to know if you read this reaction. Mireille, I wish you all Love, Light and Joy, you are a good person. Yours truly, Eleonora.

    • Dear Eleonora,
      Thank you very much for your kind words! Am very happy that the MIR-Method is working so well for you! Good luck!
      Hearty greetings,
      Mireille Mettes

  8. I did it daily for 4 weeks, results are
    – Painless, regular menstrual cycle
    – Love addiction-related obsessions are minimal to not at all.
    I stand more and more in my own strength, allow myself to be less influenced by my surroundings.
    – My hypersensitivity has become a blessing because I can feel my own boundaries well.
    – My paranormal gifts have become stronger.
    – My need to numb pain from the past with food or fantasies about love is minimal to not at all.
    I have been clean now from alcohol and drugs for 3 years. Life without narcotics is working well for me because I’m following a consistent program. The result of stopping with the use of narcotics is that underlying patterns have become very strong.
    The need for the love of emotionally unavailable men and overeating started to become a problem.
    After 4 weeks of doing the MIR-Method, I have very few problems with this. Emotionally unavailable men are no longer attractive; just the opposite. Overeating is minimal. I feel stronger and stronger with each day because I am able to allow my vulnerability to exist.

  9. Hello Mireille,
    Yes, I’ve also noticed that old fears are being dealt with and that I am less anxious. I notice that in reaction to this, I’m cleaning and now am able to get my things sold on E-Bay. I’m working through things for in and around my house I’ve had on my to-do-list for a long time. I used to not have the energy for this. Weight is still a problem and I’ve got terrible itching on my eyes every day for a short time. Been doing it for about 3 weeks now.
    Heartfelt greeting, anna

  10. Hi Mireille and team,
    I’m in the middle of a change in my life. It started 6 ½ years ago when I lost my best friend in January 2007, and my dear husband in November 2007. The period after that was about survival; don’t think, just do. Thankfully I had a lot to go on for, and at the moment I work and am building a practice for massage, reiki and maybe also, the MIR-Method. I live in Switzerland and would like to stay there. My daughters live and work here and we would like to see each other regularly.
    A few years ago I landed, through my new life, in a burnout. Difficult, but it was a sign that I could do more and develop new habits. Slowly, life became more enjoyable and I saw the sun shine again. I’ve been taking some fun courses and will be taking my exams soon for reflexology massage. After that, I’ll continue with palm reading as a science, something I’ve been busy with for three years now. Super interesting what I’ve been learning about myself through this. I spoke about this with my psychologist and she indicated that I am troubled by fear: I don’t trust life any more. I start to find meaning in it again but then expect something bad to happen which takes that fine feeling away again. Through my dear friend Els, I came across the “MIR-path”. I’ve been doing the MIR for a week now and sleep really well now. I’ve got more energy and can separate myself from the distrust in life.
    Thank you for this beautiful method. More people should become familiar with this because many people could also benefit from it.
    I wish everyone light and love. Have a nice day. Loving greetings from Barry in Switzerland.

  11. Through the MIR-Method I’ve recently felt more cheerful, undertake more and less tired. Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    I’d like to thank you for these “steps”. It’s been good for me. Have “stepped forward”, as it were. I like changes now and then. Pick things up once in a while. Changes in circumstances I can handle well. Consciously letting go as well. But emotionally letting go of old emotions/feelings is more difficult. They sit too deep, I think. But I’m trying to deal with them and look at them differently so that they can slowly be dealt with.
    Otherwise, I’ve got nothing to complain about, thankfully. Am healthy and content. Fine that you’ve come up with this method. So easy, and yet so effective.
    I’ve spoken about it with different friends and they also felt it was going well.
    Thanks again, and a warm greeting from me.

  13. Dear Mireille, I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for three weeks already and notice that my heart and abdomen chakras feel much stronger just like during my childhood. My morning urine has a darker color and stronger odor. I also feel myself standing stronger in the face of the negative statements my husband frequently expresses. He only says what he DOESN”T like and what he thinks is stupid about the government. He does this all day. He is exactly the opposite of me: I only talk about what I DO like and talk in terms of solutions… Still, I don’t feel better than him, but I feel unhappy about this and would like to do something or make something happen to bring a positive change in him. He often has unreasonable criticism about me; I work fulltime and do all the housekeeping. Yet, I get no thanks in return but criticism. He is on the mend from a liver virus and according to him can’t do anything. He hasn’t worked for years and is around 60 years old. He also doesn’t want to now anything about the MIR-Method and such. With friendly greetings from Alouize

  14. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for years and among other things, have become more independent and I also have more contact with my cheerfulness.
    The newsletter is also a precious gift.
    Hearty thanks.

  15. Dear Mireille,
    I am very happy doing the MIR-Method (just stroking my hand, what a discovery) and have the idea that it has done me a lot of good since the beginning (7 weeks ago). Most of all, I feel a psychological change, am less dependent / vulnerable. Thanks!

  16. Hello Mireille
    This house and family has needed clearing out for years and I’ve been busy with it for a while. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for 4 weeks now and notice that I continue to clean, but with a calmer, less severe feeling. Each small step is one. I compliment myself for what I did get done and don’t force myself to do be sure to do something each day.

  17. Dear Mireille,
    A year ago, I fell ill, heart patient.
    I lost my sense of purpose in life, almost nothing could give my joy any more. One day, I was given a book with an article about the MIR-Method. Hey, I thought, if it’s so simple, I’m going to try it and it has really helped me to let go of many of my former problems and I now go through life much happier.
    I still need some time to let go of everything but I’ll get there, I feel that.
    I want to thank you and will certainly continue doing the MIR-Method when I feel the need to; am truly happy with it, it works much better than a lot of medication. The cardiologist told me I could take fewer medications; am down to 1 pill a day.
    The ophthalmologist can’t understand what happened to my glaucoma; is it a coincidence or not??
    also, for the first time I had good news at the dentist; everything was fine.
    You see, it can’t get better, am really happy and hope that it continues like this.
    Once again, thanks for helping so many people for free; there are still miracles in this world!
    Greetings, Joske

  18. Hello Mireille.
    Doing the MIR-Method has helped me a lot. I feel great after 4 weeks of doing the MIR-Method. Since doing the MIR-Method, I’ve had some trouble with eczema on my hand, never had problems with this before but it’s not much, shows that the MIR-Method is doing its job, that’s why I’m not yet finished with the MIR-Method, especially with Detach Father and Mother, this is related to my upbringing during my youth.
    I’ve forgiven my parents for what I had to go through during my childhood; hate and resentment don’t resolve anything, they only make things worse, now I can let go of the grief and I thank them that I was born and that I can help my fellow men with their problems.
    I want to thank you, therefore, for your MIR-Method, which has already proven its effectiveness to me and other people and I will warmly recommend the MIR-Method to friends and acquaintances.

  19. Dear Mireille,
    I would like to tell every young person that what he or she feels is right for him or her, is also right!! I’ve been so disloyal to myself. I had a lot of beliefs about how things should be and about how I should view life. Now I see that I am good just as I am and that only I know what my path is. I can ask for advice and the answer is always within.
    I’ve been doing the nine steps of the MIR-Method since the beginning of December. Before that I only did steps 5 and 7 for two weeks. It feels right to continue with it.
    I’ve had many insights, can let go of things. Furthermore, I’ve got a lot of old emotions that touch old pain. Now I see my fight or flight reaction clearly and that there is another option. I’m going to confront these with a therapist. After a difficult burnout, I feel ever closer to the light, to being loyal to myself, and going with the flow of life.
    Greeting from a thankful Miriam

  20. Thankfully the MIR-Method works well for me. I feel more at peace and better. It supports me. I feel that I’ve been able to work through the grief surrounding my mother’s death better. I’ve cried a lot, something I couldn’t at first. When things become contentious in my house, I know better how to deal with it so it ends well. I understand that physical problems need more time. I’ve continued after the 4 weeks. It gives me a really good feeling and I am curious to see what more happens. Thanks, Mireille, for the MIR-Method

  21. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for 6 weeks now. I see progress. I had agoraphobia and many physical problems (headache). I use psychiatric medicines; I was a psychiatric patient for a long time. But I also see that I need to work on the rough edges myself, especially getting rid of negative images from the past (15 years I was the victim of severe violent behavior, all of which is coming out now).
    When a friend told me about the MIR-Method, it was love at first sight. Louise Hay also fascinated me because her books are sincere and honest, but the MIR-Method seems to be good for me. I don’t know how I can heal because it’s deeper in me, I think, but the 9 steps give a liberating feeling. Mireille, thank you very much for this positive chance and I hope to become a good ambassador and of course, I pass it on to the people around me! Greetings,
    André P.

  22. Dear Mireille,
    I did the MIR-Method for a while and I found the best thing to be the development of self-love. Clearing up toxic things. That is my relationship. I’ve known it for a long time. We really don’t know of any solution except to break up. I know that this is good, but it’s hard. We lost each other a long time ago and refused to become exes, but now see that it can’t go on any longer. Because if there isn’t any love, you can’t give it. I’m going to start the MIR-Method again soon to help me, us during this horrible process, in which we’re both thankful for the beautiful period which we shared.

  23. Dear Mireille,
    First of all, a thousand thanks for your dedication and the time you take for al of us!!! What a special mission!!
    My life has been a Big clean for a while but now, with the MIR-Method, it’s different and more balanced!!!
    I thank you for this gift!!
    A warm and loving greeting,

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