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2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life?

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Skin conditions — 30 Comments

  1. Dear Mireille,
    I started doing the MIR method a couple of weeks ago and without any expectations. I found my facial skin becoming clearer and brighter.The second thing I noticed was decluttering,though that is happening v–e–r–y slowly.But it is happening! I will continue to do it and maybe some other things will get cleared out of my life!
    Thank you so much!!Hugs.

  2. My eczema has almost all disappeared . I feel younger and more
    energetic. I look at people with a more positive attitude.
    Thank you!

  3. Hello everyone,
    I am now doing the MIR-Method for 6 weeks. But after 4 weeks my psoriasis was a lot less. My back is now flake free of and I have a lot more energy. Detaching myself from my mother gives me so much more freedom. Wow really nice, so I just contine for a while longer. I now give all my clients a card of the MIR-Method and I also inspired my friends. So yes it will get around in the world…. Thankx Mireille

  4. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for about 3 weeks now and my eczema, which I had got rid of through diet and the osteopath, has returned with a vengeance.
    Am doing the MIR-Method now just once a day. It probably went too quickly. Did lose a fungal nail, however.

    • Dear Martin,
      when a problem flares up, it’s because on old, deep lying bit has been touched and freed. You can slowly work on that by continuing to do the MIR-Method. If the reaction is too strong or uncomfortable, please make an appointment with a MIR-Method coach. He or she can test what exactly has been freed with a Personal MIR-Method and get rid of it together with you.
      Wishing you much luck! Glad that the fungal nail has already given up!
      Mireille Mettes

      • Eczema disappeared after three days. Still do the MIR-Method once a day, will try soon to do it twice a day again.
        Unbelievable, the results you can achieve with this.

  5. In August 2013, I was diagnosed in the hospital with the skin disease Lichen Sclerosus.
    After removing some tissue, it appeared that there were already unstable cells. The predecessors of cancerous cells. They had to disappear within 6 weeks or an operation would become necessary.
    Luckily, an operation wasn’t necessary and the LS was good during the following check-ups. Within a month, it was almost gone. “Remarkably calm” and I didn’t have any problems after that.
    In August 2013, during the same period, I’d started doing the MIR-Method again (coincidence?) because of my sleeping problems.
    Totally hadn’t realized that it might help with the LS. I don’t know for sure, of course, but I find it amazing about how well I am doing. I’m certainly going to continue with the MIR-Method and remain under doctor’s care.
    I’d like to share this experience.

  6. Hello everyone,
    I’d like to post a reaction here, too. A good 4 months ago I started with the MIR-Method when I suffered a lot from granuloma annulare (skin condition underneath both of my armpits). It started as a sort of point and spread out with large rings, they became such large areas that I didn’t have the nerve to wear short sleeves. It really bothered me and thought, “if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt”. Still, I had a lot of confidence that it would help because it felt right intuitively. Now, months later, I’ve noticed that the patches are fading and before I started the MIR-Method I stopped using the hormone salve so I can really keep tabs on it.
    I am very pleased with how it looks now and will continue doing this method twice a day.
    Mireille, a huge thanks that I was able to use this method.
    A heartfelt greeting mo

  7. My eczema has disappeared like snow does in the sun. Had it for a year on the inside of my arm. It comes and goes. Since doing the MIR-Method it came back once (when getting rid of the problems) and after that, never again. With stress and problems about expressing my feelings, I always got a “collar” of eczema around my neck. Not any more! Eczema can certainly be added to the list of “Results”!

  8. Mireille,
    I also did the MIR-Method for 4 weeks and it has really helped me. I was connected to a catheter and my wound wasn’t healed after a half year. After the first week of the MIR-Method, there was a change and am doing pretty well and I have become stronger emotionally.
    I’d also like to thank you for sharing the MIR-Method with so many people.

  9. I bought your book, read it thoroughly and applied the MIR-Method. As psychiatric patient, I gradually feel more balanced…the issues haven’t disappeared but can deal with them better, partially though the MIR-Method. Nice side effect: an enormous wart has disappeared that was on the inside of my thumb for years … greetings …

  10. Hi Mireille,
    I started doing the MIR-Method again because I’m suffering so much from a skin rash.
    And this morning it was almost gone; I only started 6 days ago.

  11. Hello Mireille
    After 4 weeks of doing the MIR-Method, I read something in the newsletter about fungal nails. I examined my feet, and yes, the fungal nails were going away. And just as important, the facial fungal condition “seborrhoeic eczema” is much better, although I usually have a new attack in the autumn, which can only be dealt with using salve. It hasn’t disappeared completely, so I’ll continue doing the 9 steps and will let you know in a few months how things are going. Very thankful for your wonderful MIR-Method!!

  12. Hello, I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for a while now and want to let you know that I HAD a very stubborn, very deep bunion! Very painful so I walked on the side of my foot! It’s GONE. After a few visits to the pedicure, after which it always returned, FINALLY GONE! Thank you, Mireille!

  13. Hello Mireille,
    I’ve been doing it for 4 weeks now and a lot has already happened! The first 2 weeks a lot of allergy problems (probably a reaction to detoxifying?), but they have all disappeared now. Always had a lot of stomach / intestinal problems but that is going much better, I’m very happy about that. I also notice that I feel much better, my mood is better and I feel stronger. I still suffer a lot from rosacea. That hasn’t improved much, will have to wait.

  14. I’m 52 years old and have been doing the MIR-Method for 4 weeks and my skin has noticeably improved. For more than 25 years, I’ve had bumps on my chin that become pustules and are often very painful.
    Tried all kinds of medicines. These helped up to 2 weeks after they were used up. After that the bumps slowly returned.
    After doing the MIR-Method, my skin is smoother and without bumps! What a relief to be able to leave my house without using camouflaging make-up.
    I’d like to see my mission become clarified.

  15. Hello Mireille,
    I have to tell you about a new success story! After my story about vitiligo and the success of the MIR-Method with it, I wanted to help my 8-year-old granddaughter. She had warts all over her body that were painful and itchy and sometimes bled significantly if she accidently scratched one too hard. They really troubled her and she was ashamed of the visible ones. I’ve done the MIR-Method by proxy for 2 weeks for her by saying her name and also saying: “remove all warts” and then doing the 9 steps.
    Last Monday, I asked her how the warts were, and they’re almost gone!!! Or they’re so small now that you can hardly see them!! Wonderful, isn’t it?! I just wanted to share this with you!!
    Greetings from Ans

  16. Well Mireille, my thirteen-year-old son, who had quite a few blemishes, started doing your method 2 times a day for 4 weeks!!! I now have a much calmer son, and moreover one who is aware. He only wants to eat healthy food now, only vegetables and fruit! With the result that his skin is really improving!!!!! He’s even advising his dad to do this as well so my advice is: Yes, for bad skin also a good result!!! Thanks, yours truly.

  17. A few years ago, I started having small light patches on my left arm, as if there had been little wounds so the skin there didn’t tan any more. My primary care physician diagnosed vitiligo and immediately told me that it couldn’t be healed. 2011 was a very stressful year with a lot of grief, tension and stress and I had a burn out in September of that year. My skin showed an increasing number of white patches and in April 2012, my hands and the area around my mouth, my neck, shoulders and feet were mostly white. Returned to my primary care physician and again the diagnosis, vitiligo. And once again the response: nothing can be done about it!! I researched Internet and found a clinic that treats this and other skin diseases. In May, I had my first appointment there. One year followed, spraying a solution 2 times a day on all the white spots on my body, and every other day going under a light lamp (without UV). Couldn’t be out in the full sun because, and I felt this as well, my skin burned very quickly. After that year, it turned out that the vitiligo had spread out all over my body instead of healing. As a last resort, I was offered a cream that could possibly be carcinogenic, and that I had to use very carefully. That was the last straw for me!!! What was I doing to myself? I decided to live with vitiligo and without these types of dangerous remedies.
    And then I rediscovered the MIR-Method. A long time ago I had started doing it in the hope of losing weight, but was too impatient….. This time I decided to be serious about the MIR-Method. I started on July 1, 2013, every morning after showering and in the evening after brushing my teeth. I wrote the 9 steps down on cards and took them with me to my work so I could do the method there if I didn’t have time for it at home in the morning. Today, August 8, I observed that little spots of pigment are slowly forming again!! Isn’t that wonderful?! I’m certainly very happy about this and am writing this now so that other people can read this and benefit from it.
    Thank you, Mireille, for sharing your knowledge with all of us!!
    Sweet greetings from Ans

    • Dear Ans,
      Thank you for your report regarding the successful results with vitiligo and the MIR-Method.
      I myself have had vitiligo on my skin since my 6th year and started doing the MIR-Method on September 10, 2013. I can’t wait to see how or what happens with me.
      I’ll also place my results here on the message board, of course.
      I’ve carefully started by first doing steps 5 and 7, and after two weeks will do all of the steps, and have decided to do this for 4 months.
      I hope that your vitiligo quickly heals and that you experience more successes.
      Friendly greetings, Marie-Louise

      • Hallo Marie-Louise,
        Wishing you much success in the coming period and I hope that it will help you as much as it is helping me.
        Every day, I still see new brown patches forming. I take pictures from time to time of my hands and arms to convince myself that it’s really true that my pigment is returning. Maybe a tip for you as well.
        Yours truly from Ans

  18. Dear Mireille,
    I’ve been doing the MIR-Method 2 times a day for about 4 weeks. Have done it before but not as regularly as now.
    Thank you very much for the daily coaching. I am amazed at the changes my body is going through.
    I don’t need to use deodorant any more, had horrible itching and eczema, but that has now all disappeared. Had problems with flatulence and pain in my intestines that is also gone. I am being treated by a specialist for anemia so, as you suggested, will continue for another 4 weeks. Hope that the MIR-Method can also take care of this.
    What you wrote today about fulfilling basic needs, I’ve got more self-confidence and that at 67. Wonderful isn’t it. Also, detach father, this is related to my last 6-year relationship, I can
    Let go better and think about it better without becoming emotional. That took 11 years.
    Once again, thank you very much and I am very happy that I learned about the MIR-Method.
    Yours truly,

  19. Dear Mireille,
    Thank you for sharing the MIR-Method. It is like a gift to me. After reading the info on the website, I thought: the 9 steps include everything and are so simple to do. I chose to do the MIR-Method after my morning and evening “wash” and brushing my teeth. For a day’s good beginning and good ending. I stroke my hands and part of my arms and that feels good. The first few days I sometimes suddenly felt a bit “light” in my head, which forced me to slow down. After your answer to my e-mail, I felt and knew that the dizziness is part of the process. There were moments in which, for no apparent reason, tears started streaming from my eyes. As if someone were doing a spring-cleaning with a soft hand. It felt good.
    The problems with my bowel movements, extremely dry skin, loss of hair and trouble falling asleep are clearly decreasing. My nails, skin and hair look better. The eczema that troubled me has even completely disappeared! An inner peace has developed within me that I can feel and apparently also radiate because a number of people around me have noticed it. The frown in my forehead seems to be slowly disappearing. It takes me less effort to “just” do nothing for a moment and the “must” In my head has changed to “may”. Since July 22, I’ve been doing the MIR with our dog, which suffers from the fears of abandonment, storms and fireworks. During the storm yesterday evening, I noticed that he was much calmer than otherwise. Now, after the 4 weeks have passed (they flew by), I’ve chosen to continue the twice daily stroking, but then without the words. It’ll be an effort not to say the words because they come as if on their own. I experienced the coaching and explanations via the e-mails as very enjoyable.
    I share my experiences and am glad that I ordered the cards because I’ve given a number of them to other people already.
    In these hectic and uncertain times, where it seems as if everything is about money, it’s nice that people can/may experience that there is a possibility of creating a bit of peace and confidence within.
    Once again, heartfelt thanks for sharing this, Mireille.
    Warm greetings,

    • Dear Marijke,
      you might want to look into (high dose) iodine/thyroid, if the symptoms come back.


  20. Dear Mireille,
    All the little infections all over my body are gone!! And the bad varicose vein on my leg is smaller and doesn’t itch any more. I say: just try it!

  21. Just try it, always had a lot of blemishes. Have to say that when I do the MIR-Method it always worsens at first, and then calms down a lot… and stays that way. Brigitte

  22. Hi Mireille,
    I’ve been doing the MIR-Method since 2010 with good results, but recently felt the need to MIR once again.
    Now, with the last newsletter and coaching, I registered immediately; my 28 days are over but I’m going to continue doing the 4 months because of my overweight that is slowly but surely going down.
    About what happened during the 28 days; the first weekend I was very petulant and troublesome, my fungal nail let go again and I cut it decisively short, after 14 days I got a lot of curls just as I used to have, scalp eczema improved.
    I am also very fearful about not having enough financially (pension).
    I going to do it again and am going for 4 months.
    I want to thank you for this wonderful method you have given to us to heal ourselves (if we allow it, of course).
    Wishing you great success with spreading your MIR-Method. I’m in.

  23. Of course, I started the MIR-Method immediately and notice that it’s helping me, eczema seems better and the ringing in my ears is lessening…yesterday it seemed like a helicopter was in there…
    What I notice is that my heart is taking over more and more from my head.
    Let it just do its/my job.
    Friendly greetings,

  24. Hello Mireille,
    I wanted to tell you about the following. An acquaintance of mine here in England where I live, suddenly experienced hair loss last winter and had no idea at all why this was happening. She was examined and the hospital finally told her that they had no explanation for it; only that it is alopecia. Sent home with the message that there is no treatment for it. She lost all her hair and started buying and wearing wigs.
    Then I told her about the MIR-Method and gave her your card so she could visit the website and read everything in English and maybe do the 9 steps of the MIR-Method.
    She started doing it and guess what? Her hair is starting to grow back again. I just saw her and asked how things were, because before the summer vacation she had some growth but not yet all over her scalp. But now she told me that it’s growing again everywhere, she’s going to Rhodos during the fall school vacation and she plans to not wear her wig during the whole vacation. In November, she was supposed to get steroid injections in her scalp but she says that she doesn’t want them any more and that she doesn’t need them.
    So I am very grateful that I could recommend the MIR-Method to her and that it works! I also started the MIR-Method myself this year, in the spring, at my sister’s suggestion, and also noticed change very quickly. I started sleeping better and I feel more assertive. Two warts that I had for a few years are gone and I had a few wrinkly fingernails that are now straightening themselves, so I’m very happy about this. In addition, I’m going through menopause and haven’t got any symptoms, such as hot flashes or anything like that. I think and hope that it just won’t happen. So, actually a LOT of results that I wanted to share with you. I’ve already recommended the MIR-Method to a number of friends and will continue to do so!
    Heartfelt thanks and success with the MIR-Method! Hearty greetings from Lucienne Charnley in Luton, Engeland

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