Do you suffer from visual Impairment or eye problems and have you noticed that they have improved because of the MIR-Method, or have they even disappeared altogether? That’s great! 

We’d like to hear from you about what has improved! Please answer these questions:
1. How long have you done the MIR-Method?
2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life? 

At the bottom of this page is a form, which you can use to report your results. By clicking on “End”, you’ll jump to the form.

 If you have questions about using the MIR-Method, please look at the page Questions or get in touch with a MIR-Method coach. We don’t answer personal questions on this page.


Visual Impairment / Eye Problems — 3 Comments

  1. Hey! I just noticed the other day that a floater that i have had in my right eye for many years has disappered! My eyesight also seems clearer. I have been using the method for 3 weeks. Other things I have noticed is being less itchy, feeling calmer, and my vericose veins are getting fainter. Thanks so much for inventing such a great program. I plan on using this to get totally well.

  2. By doing the MIR-Method for a long period of time (4 months), I’ve had wonderful results with improved eyesight!
    I was born with a lazy eye through which I could always only read the first two top lines of the ophthalmologist’s eye chart. After 4 months of the MIR-Method, I can read every line except the bottom two with my lazy eye! This means that, with good light, I no longer need to use my reading glasses, even though I was dependent on them for the past 10 years!
    A remarkable result, isn’t it? (By the way, I’m 64 now.)

  3. Dear Mireille,
    A year ago, I became ill; a heart patient.
    I couldn’t find any meaning in life anymore and nothing could excite me. One day, I was given a book in which there was an article about the MIR-Method. Hey, I thought if it’s that simple, I should just try it and it’s really helped me. I’ve been able to let go of many of my previous problems and I’m enjoying life much more.
    I’m going to need a lot more time to let go of everything but I feel like I’ll get there.
    I want to thank you and will certainly continue doing the method when I feel the need for it; am honestly very happy with it, it works better than a lot of medication.
    The cardiologist let me reduce my medication to only 1 pill a day.
    The ophthalmologist doesn’t understand what happened to my glaucoma; is it a coincidence or not??
    And for the first time, good news at the dentist’s; everything was fine.
    You see, things couldn’t be better and I hope that this continues.
    Once again, thanks for helping so many people for free; miracles still occur.
    Greetings, Joske

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