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All kinds of results — 13 Comments

  1. have done twice a day for 14 days but my breathing, asthma is still pestering me, sadness, i wonder if this will not work for these diseases…
    i am in your mailing list…

    • Dear Eva,
      Please keep in mind that diagnosed illnesses WILL take time (months) to fully recover. You can fasten the healing process by consulting a MIR-Method coach. They will be able to pinpoint the root cause of the asthma. And just see that you can do it all by yourself. Trust the wisdom of your body to reverse the illness all by itself.
      Hope you can find some more patience!
      Greetings, Mireille

  2. I love this site. I’ve been doing it for three weeks . I really enjoy the newsletter because I know the steps I’m going through are normal. Seems weird not craving the foods that I use to have to have every day . I ate alot of bread especially with jelly, snack cookies & crackers. Now I try it and its ugh this tastes terrible and grab a carrot or a piece of celery with water. Still seems weird, but definetely feeling better. Thank you so much for putting me on the right path for my health

  3. I carried out the method twice daily in January. I had some cold-like symptoms that may be linked to the process. The main improvements I have noticed are an increase in motivation in all areas of my life. I feel more confident and am able to trust my body to find what it needs. I am taking more care of my diet and getting better exercise.I really appreciate this method. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  4. Hi Mireille – it is now about three months since I completed the MIR-Method course and I have to say it has helped me enormously. I was very depressed when I started, extremely anxious and low both physically and mentally. My life really is now turning around in every respect. Thank you so much. It’s fascinating how the positive effects have gradually seeped into all aspects of my being and still are doing so. Amazing!

    • Dear Dinah,
      Isn’t it great!? I am very happy for you! And thank you for all the people who will be inspired by you. Hoping it will bring them good too!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  5. Hi Mireille,

    I’ve finished one months worth of the MIR method and during this time a pain I’ve had in my achilles tendon has greatly reduced, almost disappeared. Also, this summer I’ve not had any big cravings for ice cream or chocolate. In fact, I’ve gone off desserts!

    Would like to continue doing the MIR method as “Clarify mission” is very important for me in my current stage of life. I understand that it’s a BEINGNESS that we choose, and all else, the DOINGNESS will unravel from that.
    Love and light.

    • Dear Charles,
      Thank you for your message! Am so happy for you with these wonderful results. Wish you all the best with clarifying your mission and am very curious what you will be doing next year! 😉
      Greetings from the Netherlands,
      Mireille Mettes

  6. Dear Mireille, Thank You s much for this MIR Method~ I have completed the four weeks but want to continue the rest of the summer for another 4 weeks. For me an intuitive resonance to do so and blessed. I started out my summer where I live at the beach teaching art w/ children each year for 3 months. Coming back here this summer well feeling very sad with the loss of so many people 12 to be exact(passing on throughout the yr) and 3 being very dear to my heart. I spent the first 2 weeks with waves of crying and yet I also knew it was just not the death of dear friends but a death of certain aspects of my being that no longer serve me on my path in life too. Detach Father/Mother I felt releases within myself in this aspect and forgiveness I realizing they did the best they could with having their own issues them selves and not fully introspecting and healing in ways but their choice and not my responsibility. Also what came up for me today was about ancestry and how we all hold many life times within our DNA’s past. I was thinking maybe beyond detach father/mother( also I am an adoptee who searched and found biological parents) there could be Detach All Ancestral Lineage too for this goes beyond our Parents and delves into long lines of history passed on to generations upon generations subconsciously, would be interested to here your thoughts regarding healing our historical past from this earthly generation of the human species for which I feel needs deep healing since of late with Palestine/Israel conflicts, Native American Genocide here in America, Ireland and conflicts in Belfast to name a few. I feel it’s also time to heal our Historical Lineage so as not to repeat for our future generations to shine forth in their brilliance as well! 🙂 Blessings Love and Light

    • Dear Darlene,
      Thank you deeply for your kind words about the MIR-Method and your precious insights! It is such a brave thing to see what is underneath everybody’s choices and how it is not always your responsibility. And yes, it may surprise you, but the MIR-Method actually DOES ‘clean’ the ancestral lineage! So it is really healing the world when people do the MIR-Method. I am most grateful that I was able to create it with my clients AND that people like you pick it up and are willing to use the MIR-Method! And by all means continu using it for as long as you feel like it! There will be new videos in which I will encourage people to do it as long as they feel like it.
      Good luck and wishing you great inner love with teaching arts to the children!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  7. Thank you Mireille! I’ve just completed the 4 weeks & only missed 2 sessions. This is incredible by itself because I felt such an overwhelming sense of commitment to just do it & complete the recommended time period. The first few days I noticed digestion upset & bowel problems. Then, hormonal issues, more than the norm for me such as really intense hot flashes. Yet on another day I suddenly stopped using several supplements & have not re-started them. About 2 weeks into it I no longer could eat the breakfast cereal I’d been eating for a few months, one that I made from scratch & loved! My mind has gone through many unusual thinking patterns & I’ve gotten calmer & quieter. I have faced many health issues in my life such as allergies & hormonal imbalance but yet I feel completely confident that these things are all coming into alignment within the totality of my being. I love this & am a little sad to be ending this beautiful daily ritual. I’ve passed it on & on to many others as it was passed on to me. Thank you again Mireille, you are a beautiful soul. xo

    • Dear Michelle,

      That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you for letting me know! I hope you will notice concrete clear-ups in your body or emotional health. If you do, will you let us know? With that you inspire many others. Thank you for using the MIR-Method!

      Mireille Mettes

  8. Concrete results: The last piece “Clarify mission” was not particularly resonant with me when I started, but as I continued saying it, it emerged as the most powerful of all. Last week I was complete, and my life purpose has never been more clear. By the end of April I will be a certified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist licensed in Colorado, and plan to specialize in HypnoFertility, which is amazingly effective. The insights and motivation and other alignments that all seemed to show up and fall into place seem like the result of a long quest. I am energized, excited, and very, very happy to be embarking on this work. All other areas of my life are great, too! Thank you

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