Do you suffer from migraine or headache and have you noticed that this has improved because of the MIR-Method, or has it even disappeared altogether? That’s great!

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2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life?

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Migraine / Headache — 10 Comments

  1. ts been two weeks now since I started the MIR method. I do all the nine steps morning and evening. My digestive system is slowly becoming better; light headache that stayed with me almost everyday has disappeared, my blood pressure though not always high but it has been a week now I have not been taking my BP tablets because the reading is always around 125-133 (systolic) / 77-89 (diastolic) every evening. I normally take my tablets in the evenings. I was also feeling quite anxious and stressed bordering depression the whole of February….I feel much better.

  2. In addition to my intestinal problems (see reaction “Intestinal problems”), I’ve suffered daily from tinnitus since the death of my first husband in 1995. I’m referring to an annoying buzz in the ears which you become aware of when it’s quiet. For example, when you want to go to sleep or relax, read a book, then this annoyance reveals itself. It can also be really bad with great stress; then the buzz becomes so bad that you hear it over everything else and you become really tired, discouraged and drained from it.
    Through the MIR-Method I notice that it is quieting down in my head. When I started discovering this, I was very surprised and pleasantly amazed. Been doing the MIR-Method for 1 ½ months now, and feel every day that the MIR-Method is working on my body and soul. In the beginning, my whole body was confused. It rang and buzzed in my head. I was totally upset. Had mood swings, was angry, grouchy…..the second week it was so bad that I thought about stopping. Thankfully, I persevered and in the meanwhile I’m doing much better. Almost cured of the ringing in my ears and I have normal daily bowel movements. Also had a lot of support and affirmation through the coaching e-mails. Am not finished with the MIR-Method yet, but I’m already very happy with the acquired results.
    Thank you, Mireille, for this wonderful method; now I feel good again and feel like I have a future. Truly yours, Hannelore.

  3. Hallo Mireille,
    I’ve suffered from migraines and severe heachache for years. Now I’ve started the MIR-Method. First with steps 5 and 7 because I also have thyroid and many other problems (I have Turner Syndrom) I’ve been doing the entire MIR-Method for two weeks; have now got really bad migraines and headaches. Needed to take a number of tablets and even shots (what I don’t do otherwise). Greetings, Gerda

    • Hallo Gerda,
      It often happens that your symptoms worsen at the beginning. It is very good that you, in order to continue functioning, involved your doctor and use medication – sometimes you just need painkillers and there is a reason for their existence! This way your body gets the necessary time to work on the underlying causes.
      If the reactions remain too strong, it’s better to go back to doing only steps 5 and 7 for 2 weeks. After this you can begin doing all 9 steps again.
      Sending you a very encouraging greeting, on behalf of Mireille Mettes
      Marja Kikstra
      MIR-Method coach in Enschede

  4. Since I started the MIR-Method, I‘ve suffered more and more from migraine (had hormonal migraines already for 15 years). Without medication, I can’t function, so I just keep taking them. I find it difficult because it really wears me out. Sure hope that it doesn’t take too long because I don’t really get around to doing anything anymore.

    • Dear Katinga,
      That the MIR-Method starts all kinds of body processes and has to work hard to deal with waste products, supplement shortages and reestablish balance – particularly with the hormone system (which together with the nervous system forms the two most important regulators in our bodies) – causes exhaustion. Because you suffer from hormonal migraines, I can imagine this actually getting worse in the beginning. If you can, just try to continue for a while. Thankfully, medication helps, so just continue to use it. This really is a temporary worsening and the result of the huge cleansing and “overhaul” your body is going through; if it continues too long (you didn’t say how long you had been doing it) or it doesn’t feel right, feel free to go to your doctor. I wish you strength and perseverance!
      An encouraging greetings, on behalf of Mireille Mettes
      Marja Kikstra
      MIR-Method coach in Enschede

  5. I stopped for 4 weeks but have started again to take of the longer-lasting problems.
    The supporting e-mails were nice and often matched my own reactions.
    I feel literally and figuratively stronger.
    headaches gone
    bloating gone
    know my boundaries better
    feel freer to say what needs to be said without sounding whiny
    can accept compliments better.
    feel less guilty about all kinds of things
    can say “no” more easily
    don’t overeat anymore
    can leave cookies, candy and alcohol alone more easily
    I’m going to continue because it gives me a feeling of self-affirmation.

  6. Hallo,
    I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for three days now and have suffered from headaches / migraines the whole time. A sign that something is happening. My question is whether it is alright to take medication to deal with this. The medication is a kind of toxic burden and yet, at the same time, helps to deal with the pain. The migraine ceases. Do you have some advice for me?
    Greetings, Dorothee

    • Dear Dorothee,
      It is very important for you to take good care of yourself. It seems that the medications you are using is helping you, so you can feel free to continue using them as long as is needed. It’s a good thing that such medicines were discovered! Give your body time to work on the causes of the migraines. They are usually strong and it takes time. It is my advice to just continue using your medication whenever necessary during this period. Wishing you much success and let us know when the migraine attacks diminish!
      Hearty greetings,
      Mireille Mettes

  7. I did the MIR-Method for a few weeks.
    I’ve had good results with my hormone system.
    Migraine also seems to be doing better.

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