Do you suffer from high blood pressure and have you noticed that this has improved because of the MIR-Method, or has it even disappeared altogether? That’s great! 

We’d like to hear from you about what has improved! Please answer these questions:
1. How long have you done the MIR-Method?
2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life? 

At the bottom of this page is a form, which you can use to report your results. By clicking on “End”, you’ll jump to the form.  

If you have questions about using the MIR-Method, please look at the page Questions or get in touch with a MIR-Method coach. We don’t answer personal questions on this page.




High blood pressure — 8 Comments

  1. I suffer from high blood pressure and I have noticed that this has improved starting to use the MIR-Method… May be it was a coincidence…

    • Dear Alic,
      How wonderful! Well, we will know for certain when your blood pressure will stay good for a long time. Will you keep me informed? Meanwhile I am very happy for you!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. I am very grateful to Mireille; I have finished the MIR-Method and feel great, can feel that I am balanced; even my blood pressure is lower and normal now. Once again, thanks Mireille.

  3. I’ve known since 2009 that I’ve had two congenital heart defects all my life. DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) and NCCM (noncompaction cardiomyopathy). In addition, I have very high blood pressure.
    In July, I started doing the MIR-Method and the NCCM is restoring itself and my blood pressure has gone from very high to normal, and is even a bit low. Was able to discontinue the use of certain medicines because of this.
    I’m still doing the MIR-Method because I find that I sleep better and wake up more rested.

  4. After a few weeks of the MIR-Method, my blood pressure is good / normal, even though it always shoots up when my primary care physician takes it.
    I am happy.

  5. Hallo Mireille,
    Another short note with only positive words! The MIR-Method is working great for me.
    Feel better. Started losing some weight a few weeks ago by means of a different nutritional-lifestyle. And…it’s working well! The MIR-Method made it possible for me to start this. Great, isn’t it!
    My blood pressure is down. Sleep…..really peacefully. All in all…the MIR-Method works great for me. Thank you very much, Mireille!
    I read the book regularly. I share the MIR-Method cards with other people. It’s nice to receive the daily MIR-Method e-mail tips. The best to you! Friendly greetings, Maaike

  6. Another good result from the field. A woman wrote the following to me:
    Good day dear Margreet,
    I’m doing well; my blood pressure has dropped and is almost normal.
    Up till now, I have faithfully followed the last protocol but think I can switch over to the standard procedure, or do you think that the extra step is still necessary?
    Hearty greeting and if I feel the need for a massage, I’ll let you know. So glad that my much too high blood pressure is almost normal!
    Another person’s psoriasis has improved greatly just by doing the 9 steps; the itching has also lessened, so things are calmer all around.

  7. Dear Mireille,
    My experience with the MIR-Method is that my blood pressure, which had been too high for a while, is now good.
    I need to drink a lot of water and in the past I used the Schüssler mineral salts and multivitamins.
    It seems that I no longer need them.
    I think it’s wonderful that so much can be healed using such a simple method.

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