Do you suffer from head lice or other problems with insects and have you noticed that this has improved because of the MIR-Method, or has it even disappeared altogether? That’s great! 

We’d like to hear from you about what has improved! Please answer these questions:
1. How long have you done the MIR-Method?
2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life? 

At the bottom of this page is a form, which you can use to report your results. By clicking on “End”, you’ll jump to the form. 

If you have questions about using the MIR-Method, please look at the page Questions or get in touch with a MIR-Method coach. We don’t answer personal questions on this page.



Head lice and insect infestation — 4 Comments

  1. After trying MIR …I Noticed severe hair fall that still continues..Plz help me out how to cntrl my hair fall..M worried

    • Dear Shweta,
      The MIR-Method is not causing the severe hair fall. Do not worry. Please have a look at your surroundings. Are you in the vicinity of lots of electricity? Look at the walls where you sleep at night: are there sockets? Then please cover them or move your bed. The MIR-Method will help you to get a good balance again and hair will always grow back.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. I’ve intermittently had lice for several years but after 2 months of the MIR, it was completely gone and they never came back.

  3. We (my wife and I) had problems with lice for 7 months. Did everything we could to get rid of them but nothing helped until we started the MIR. Within two weeks we were completely rid of them!

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