Do you suffer from fungal nails and have you noticed that this condition has improved because of the MIR-Method, or has it even disappeared altogether? That’s great!

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(Fungal) Nails — 19 Comments

  1. About a year and a half ago, I started doing the MIR-Method twice a day for two months without having any health problems, just purely out of curiosity. A while later I read in one of Mireille’s blogs about the possibility of fungal nails disappearing through the MIR-Method and realized that I also have had one for years, no had, because to my complete and total surprise it had suddenly disappeared and I have a perfectly healthy toenail. Thanks, Mireille, for freely sharing your wonderful method and who knows what more is healing itself in my body that I am not (yet) aware of.

  2. Hello Mireille,
    I already told you that I was busy trying some things out and one of them is the following.
    Many years ago I let a can of peas fall on my toes, the consequence of which was eventually having nail extractions, the result of which was that the nails couldn’t grow back and I wore nail polish on the skin to make it look like I had nails.
    To my surprise the nails have grown back, unfortunately severely calcified and in 3 sections resulting in my continually sanding them smooth.
    A few months ago I simply started with “optimize nails” and now my 2nd toes the nails are healthy again to within a fraction of an inch and the big toes are two-thirds healthy again and it seems that 1 nail is turning into one whole nail instead of 3 sections.

  3. Hi,
    Since starting the MIR-Method on November 27, 2013, I can say that it works. Ex.: had trouble for years with a toenail and it’s now beginning to renew itself.
    I couldn’t deal with my eating patterns and switched to healthy food. In the meantime, have lost a good 15 1/5 lbs. without even one day of feeling hungry or having the idea that I’ve eaten too little / not well.
    Also, sometimes I run into people who are familiar with the MIR-Method and sometimes do it as well.
    Yes, I can recommend it. In part, because it is a loving and tender way to direct your body in another direction without overwhelming it.
    Greetings, Jaap

  4. Now that I’m reading all these reactions, I realize that my need for coffee is decreasing. I drink a lot more water, it seems as though my body is asking for it much more.
    Recently I’ve been consciously decreasing the intake of carbohydrates. I was never successful with this before but am now, thanks to the MIR-Method. And therefore I am losing weight (and am very happy about that!). By decreasing my intake of bad carbohydrates, I also have next to no desire for sweets. For protein I have a great need of nuts, eggs and cheese (in that order). I never was a big meat-eater, but it seems as though my need for meat is decreasing as well.
    Regarding shortages: since I started menopause a few years ago, I’ve had a lot of trouble with nails splitting. Finally, even nail hardener didn’t help. And now I can say that I don’t have this problem anymore. My nails are as strong as they used to be, without me smearing anything on them. And without me taking supplements. Super! More proof to me that the MIR-Method works.

  5. Good day, Mireille, I’ve been doing the MIR-Method regularly. Last week I noticed that my toenails – which have been sensitive to fungal infection for more than 15 years – are improving without any outside remedies. The fungal areas are just growing out.
    Good timing to find your e-mail regarding this in my mailbox!
    Greetings, Rosali

  6. Hello Mireille,
    Just want to tell you that the problems with my shoulder are gone after 1 ½ years although I do have muscle aches now. That’s almost inevitable because it wasn’t positioned right for 1 ½ years! Been doing the MIR-Method for 6 weeks now and it still feels good to do it. Have been doing some binge eating though.
    My husband also started the MIR-Method and has been doing it for about 3 weeks now and his fungal nails have started growing out! Every time he says detach father/mother, he starts yawning a great deal. He’s had sneezing fits and now the pain in his derriere and leg muscles is gone!!
    All in all, great results and a lot of people in my practice already want to do it or have started already. Am not yet a MIR-therapist, when there’s a need for someone to dig deeper at my practice, I’ll give them a referral!
    Yours truly, Jacqueline

  7. I’ve done the MIR-Method for 2 years and daily again for the past few weeks. I’ve had a fungal nail for the past 2-3 years, and it is now finally beginning to change. It’s true, a new, healthy nail is growing again starting at the cuticle and the fungal nail is slowly disappearing. Nice to read the explanation now; now I understand why I always need to sigh deeply when I say step 4. I’m going to continue doing the MIR-Method. My 15-year-old daughter has also been doing the MIR-Method for 2 months, and I see such beautiful changes with her. I feel that it’s also having an effect on me.

    • Dear Myrna,
      It’s super to hear that it’s working for you, too! Wonderful that you have to sigh at step 4. That signalizes that the MIR-Method is working for you. Great! I’m also very glad that the 9 steps are working so well for your daughter; hooray!
      Wishing both of you much success!
      Heartfelt greetings,
      Mireille Mettes

  8. Yup, let’s see! Socks out and … the fungal nails are growing out! On the small toenail and ring toenail it has already disappeared and on the middle toenail it’s grown out a good bit. I can hardly believe that it really works?! I was home this week, sick with fever, not high (100.5) but with my chronic intestinal condition I haven’t had a fever since I was 10 years old (I’m 26 now), not even when I was seriously ill and spent weeks in the hospital. Quite an accomplishment and can only be because of 3 weeks of the MIR-Method. I’m noting all the physical changes I now notice in a little book. For example, I never thought about fungal nails! (Forgot that I have/had them). Thanks for the nice daily e-mails, Mireille!
    Greetings, Nicole

  9. Hallo Mireille
    After 4 weeks of doing the MIR-Method, I read something in the newsletter about fungal nails. I examined my feet, and yes, the fungal nails were going away. And just as important, the facial fungal condition “seborrhoeic eczema” is much better, although I usually have a new attack in the autumn, which can only be dealt with using salve. It hasn’t disappeared completely, so I’ll continue doing the 9 steps and will let you know in a few months how things are going. Very thankful for your wonderful MIR-Method!!

  10. This year I discovered a starting fungal nail and was very upset about it. A short time later I found out that I have seborrhoeic eczema on my scalp with resulting hair loss. Also had patches on my face. Fungal nails have the same roots as that eczema. Fungi that is able to develop because of weakened resistance.
    Because this topic was spoken about, (Article about fungal nails) I checked the fungal nail again and was stunned to find that it hasn’t continued growing but that healthy nail is developing from the cuticle.
    The condition of my hair has also improved tremendously
    An especially nice result 

  11. Hi, like this very much, feel better, have more energy, my fungal nails have improved. Have done the 9 steps for 4 weeks now, will continue. thanks Mireille!

  12. I didn’t have fungal nails but they broke off easily but since the MIR-Method they look much nicer and stronger

  13. Good day, Mireille,
    A good 6 weeks ago started with steps 5+7 for 2 weeks and then all steps for 4 weeks. I’m going to continue for another 4 weeks, because I want to deal with my sugar addiction.
    I haven’t been able to share any major results about the MIR-Method, but nonetheless have the feeling that it’s good for me. I do feel the certainty that it’s subtly “working” on the systems and coherency. It’s just now that I’m reading about the fungal nails that I realize that their spontaneous healing most probably is thanks to the MIR-Method.
    Special! I’m going to continue doing this for a while. Thank you very much!

  14. Hello Mireille,
    very special all the experiences with the MIR-Method and fungal nails. I was pedicurist for years and saw few to no fungal nails disappear in my practice. Had the impression that once you had one, you had to take care of it (filing, cleaning, etc.), disinfect the inside of your shoes (fungi), clean socks were also very important. But then I got them myself, (blamed my new walking shoes for this “damage” to both of my big toes). Don’t believe in all those remedies that, by the way, are very expensive. I used drops of TeaTreeOil (a small bottle with a number of good qualities). The fungal nails have disappeared now, but I’ve also been doing the MIR-Method regularly for two years. Now I think that maybe it’s not the TeaTree but the MIR-Method that helped me to get rid of my fungal nails! Really amazing, I continue to be surprised by it and am beginning to understand the MIR-Method better.
    Friendly greetings Marjo

  15. I’ve had problems with fungal foot infections / toenails for years. And thanks to the MIR-Method the foot fungus is disappearing like snow in the sun. Thank you for this!!

  16. Hi Mireille
    I can’t tell you how happy I am that my fungal nails are finally disappearing. I’ve been swimming for years and got a fungal infection by not wearing slippers. I’ve tried virtually everything money can buy. And even took pills twice that my primary care physician prescribed. This has gone on for at least 10 years.
    I did the MIR-Method 2 times daily for 4 weeks. And I’m going to continue with it.
    It just feels good. Friendly greetings Corrie W.

  17. In spring, an acquaintance of mine – at my request – started doing the 9 steps of the MIR-Method because I was looking for confirmation of the effects of the MIR-Method with certain conditions. At the beginning there were few “results” for this person. After a few weeks, it became very noticeable that his fungal nails were improving. This, in spite of years of trying all kinds of treatment.
    Now, 8 months later, his nails are almost completely healed.
    Germa van Nieuwenhoven

  18. I’ve been doing this for 2 months and now my fungal nails are changing and since I had an epidural in 2001 for a hip operation I’ve had dead fingers and tried everything including alternative medicine (homeopathy), but now they’re normal. My hemorrhoids have also disappeared.

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