Diabetes is a disease that we do not take lightly at the MIR-Method. Be sure to stay in touch with your primary care physician or specialist when you decide to do the MIR-Method. You also need to be able to keep track of your glucose levels.

Do you suffer from diabetes and have you noticed that this has improved because of the MIR-Method, or it has even disappeared altogether? That’s great!

We’d like to hear from you about what has improved! Please answer these questions:
1. How long have you done the MIR-Method?
2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life?

At the bottom of this page is a form, which you can use to report your results. By clicking on “End”, you’ll jump to the form.

If you have questions about using the MIR-Method, please look at the page Questions or get in touch with a MIR-Method coach. We don’t answer personal questions on this page.


Diabetes — 9 Comments

  1. Have been trying nutrition to control my sugar for years. Recently
    I added the MIR – Method. Today my glucose was 96 for the first time in years. I have not been taking any medication for a week. Before trying The MIR Method I was still having to use reduced medication once or twice a week

    • Dear Donald,
      That is AMAZING good news! Please keep a close eye on your glucose levels. I really want you to have a smooth ride without any hypos. And keep me informed, because this is astoundingly good news. Thank you for sharing it!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. Hi Mireille,
    I’ve got several problems; among other things have had type 1 diabetes for almost 50 years now. After 4 weeks of faithfully doing the 9 steps, I didn’t notice anything much worth mentioning. However, I kept doing the 9-step method. And this is what I realized after a few months: without changing my eating habits, the glycemia had improved. Blood tests indicated 7.1 (in Belgium the correct glycemic norm is between 4 and 6). That is the best result I have ever had in those 50 years. The highest result ever recorded was 9.8 in November 2001. The last few years it has fluctuated around 7.xx but was never 7.1 before!
    Thank you very much and friendly greetings,

  3. Went to the internist today to monitor my diabetes.
    Good news, the long-term glucose level has gone down from 74 to 56.
    Now use less insulin.
    Gratifying news since I’ve only been saying aloud / stroking all 9 steps for 3 weeks, before that 1 week only did 5 and 7 after pigheadedly first beginning with all 9 but having a very strong reaction so that time doesn’t count.

  4. Hello Mireille, I’d like to let you know what the MIR-Method has done for my diabetes! I’ve had type 1 diabetes for over 20 years and my glucose levels have always been difficult to regulate, I’ve actually always had much too high and fluctuating glucose levels. I started doing the MIR-Method in June; I was quickly aware that it was doing something (had, among other things, strong detox reactions) but I didn’t see any effect on my glucose levels yet. After a few months I went to a coach (Diana Ensing); she made a protocol for me twice, the first one directed at the diabetes and the second more directed at the feeling I had along with it; as if everything I wanted to do was held back. After doing the first protocol I especially felt stronger, I got a number of insights into the connection between my health problems and situations in my life and found more peace and clarity in my personal life. Still no clear effect on my glucose levels but…
    Then I worked for a week with the second protocol, and my glucose levels became lower and more stable, all by themselves! Slowly but surely, but I test myself each day at home and can really see what is happening, and the values are becoming more and more what they should be! This really is a miracle because this has never happened so naturally before; only with a lot of hard work was I sometimes able to temporarily better my values. I am, therefore, very happy with this! And in the meanwhile, continue to do the MIR-Method. Thank you very much for this method!
    Greetings, Mirjam

    • Hi Mirjam,
      What fantastic results! Will you keep us informed about how it continues? Thanks! Diana also a great big thanks to you!
      Mireille Mettes

  5. Hello Mark en Mireille,
    I am very happy that I discovered the MIR-Method and did it. I feel much better. During the MIR-Method, my glucose levels (I have type 1 diabetes) were very good and low. They now fluctuate more again.
    I have noticed that if I lay my left (or right) hand on my abdomen, and do the stroking movement with the right (or left) hand over the other one, my body feels very comfortable. Who knows, maybe this is true for others as well.
    A warm greeting from Janske

  6. Started last year, from March until August, did it every day, twice a day. Had 14 chronic illnesses such as M.S., COPD, Hyperventilation, Arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, constipation, epilepsy, 4 strokes, classic migraine, high blood pressure and a too rapid pulse, and Diabetes; when I heard about the MIR-Method I used insulin 3 times a day, 8-10-12 units and for the night 18 units of insulin. Did the MIR-Method each day twice a day for 6 months. Now I haven’t got a single one of these illnesses anymore, also became a vegetarian, the only thing I still have is diabetes but I use 2-2-3 units per day and 10 units of insulin for the night, but my values are often so low that if I use these amounts, I have a hypo or coma so I’m going to use less insulin. Am under the care of an internist, openly told him that all my diseases had disappeared because of the MIR, he was fine with it and I as well, so after those 6 months I still do it every Saturday and Sunday twice a day, for sure when I feel bloated and a bit nauseated, then I do the whole MIR-Method and after that, as strange as it may sound, I can have a bowel movement right away. Hooray, what a wonderful positive miracle it really is for me, even if I feel dizzy or as if I will become dizzy, I do the MIR-Method, again twice a day, and I’m really happy I don’t have to take any medication at all, never will again, and most certainly never antibiotics, I’ve got something else for that which is completely natural and of which I know it only takes care of what’s bad and leaves the good alone.

  7. Reducing Diabetes patient’s insulin (the name Elise is not the client’s real name)
    Hi Mireille, things are going well with Elise and she is slowly reducing her insulin. At first she used 20 units mmol/l 2 times a day and she now uses 7 mmol/l units. In the morning and in the evening 7 units and has more energy because of the insulin and less pain. Elise also used a tablet, which had to be taken 3 times a day, and now uses 1 tablet divided over the day. She also used medication for high blood pressure / diuretics / cholesterol tablets / anticoagulants. She has stopped using all of these. She has no more problems and her tests were good. (It was discovered that Elise doesn’t need any of this anymore.) I researched why she got diabetes and she is a faithful MIR-Method-follower.
    Worrying about what others think and find is an important disrupter in her insulin level. With some good coaching and regular contact she can work this out.
    The psychological aspect of letting go of being diabetic. Being diabetic drew attention and it started with her after her husband passed away. All together, Elise is much calmer, more social, is learning a lot and sees now that things could have gone differently.
    She needs, therefore, intensive support. A couple of times, when Elise didn’t get enough rest, she suffered a lot from constipation, and didn’t listen to herself and I gave her a reflex treatment, etc., after which she learned from the experience and things went well. At the kinesiologist, it turned out that she only had problems with the medication because she no longer needed it. And that she no longer needed to have a new knee operation. She had to do the MIR-Method for another 3 ½ months for her knee. In the meantime, she no longer needs the walker when walking and only uses a cane and also walks more strongly on her leg. Even the physical therapist sees improvement, is more optimistic and Elise gets positive compliments now.
    Greetings, Angela

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