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Children (issues related only at children) — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Mireille,
    My youngest son suffered from carsickness. I did the MIR-Method for 4 weeks and he is free of it.
    My middle son has had hay fever since he was 1 ½ years old. I did the MIR-Method with him but I still have to wait to see if his hay fever has lessened or disappeared since the hay fever period is over. I’ll repeat it with him in a few months time.
    Yours truly, Sabine

  2. This method is also works well with children who have ADHD… And this can also be done from a distance.
    Greetings, Jeane

  3. “It seems to be giving results because since I started with the MIR-Method our son sleeps much better during the day! Since his birth, he only took short half hour naps during the day. And now last week he slept sometimes longer, even 2 ½ hours! He wakes up more cheerful and refreshed and that is great for all of us! I hope that this continues and that he makes a habit of it! The birth went well. He was born at home, on time and the atmosphere was lovely. His breathing was distressed and he had pooped in the amniotic water. It was a fairly quick birth, especially since it was my first child. I was in labor for about 8 hours and after 20 minutes of pushing he arrived. My mother is a homeopathic naturopath and did a lot with and for him via NEI (Neuro Emotional Integration) and other techniques.”

  4. Little boy’s descending testicle
    Dear Mireille, I’ll share the whole story so you’re informed about the whole process.
    It was really strange, because it took a while before I realized that the MIR-Method was working. After he was born, it turned out that his testicle hadn’t gotten into position yet… until he was about 9 months old, then had hydrocele (accumulation of fluids around a testicle) and the testicle was discovered in his abdomen. During the operation, they corrected this and kept the testicle in place with disintegrating stitches. When the stitches had dissolved, the testicle was, once again, in the abdomen. The pediatrician wanted to operate again immediately but we didn’t want that; we wanted to give his body the chance and the rest to recover from the first operation and the hydrocele.
    According to the pediatrician, it was virtually impossible for the testicle to come out of the abdomen by itself. In the following 3 years, it remained in the abdomen. Just before summer vacation, I happened to find a website in which the MIR-Method was mentioned.
    I did it during the summer vacation, in the tent and in front of my son; sometimes he also stroked his own hand. After 1 week, my son suddenly got a high fever; we thought it was a virus but when we wanted to rinse him off under the shower, we saw that his scrotum was swollen, which was very shocking and there seemed to be fluid in the scrotum. We went to a doctor there and told him about the testicle. We were supposed to contact him again if the fever, which was lower by this time, went up again and the scrotum became red and painful.
    It looked really strange. After a few days, it looked normal again and when we came home, called out own primary care physician. He didn’t think that the misplaced testicle had anything to do with it but couldn’t say what it otherwise was.
    That evening, under the shower, I wanted to explain to my sin that I was going to make an appointment to have the doctor in the hospital take another look at it, so I showed him that the testicle was in his abdomen instead of in his scrotum… then he suddenly said: no, Mom, it’s right here, look! And we felt it in the scrotum. We saw it, too, because that side of the scrotum remained under-developed and you could actually see a little lump in the scrotum (all that time I just kept doing the MIR-Method, and also saw many results for myself.) When we went to the pediatrician, she was surprised as well; the testicle had moved down a good 1 ½ inches to just above the entrance to his groin. After examining it a while, she said that it was stuck there and almost certainly going to remain where it is but I still remember that we did see the testicle in the scrotum. Since then, I’ve been doing the MIR-Method with my son again; he likes to do it and feels better, he says.
    Once again, thank you very much.
    Greetings, Olivia

  5. Hello Mireille,
    About two months ago, I started doing the MIR-Method with my 11-year old son. I’d been doing it myself for a few days, and one evening, when I brought him to bed, I explained it to him. Calmly stroke your hand and say the steps aloud. With each step, I explained the message he was giving to his body. He had a number of warts on his hands and was bullied at school about them. After about two weeks, he noticed that the warts seemed smaller and were going away. Very interesting. In a few weeks time, he was/is wart-free.
    Thank you for releasing this method!

  6. Another great result with children.
    One rambunctious child walks much more calmly now and fights less.
    My son can concentrate better now at school and at home, he listens better.”
    One child has started to draw remarkably creatively, which is nice for everyone. He can express his emotions much better this way.
    I feel much better; vitamins and such.” [A five-year old child is saying this!]
    Margreet Pielage, practice Terra Mater, Ommen

  7. A 9-year old girl who often has a stomachache, is shorter than other children her age. Is a poor eater. Allergic to sugar. Vulnerable. Is supported by homeopathy and zone therapy treatments. Problems continue to appear. She did a personal MIR-Method faithfully. Every day. Starting with the moment she began, she feels strong. Doesn’t go to her room when her brother gets angry. Friend has trouble dealing with the change because she doesn’t let people walk all over her any more. She feels strong. No problems any more with stomachaches and yeast infections. After doing the MIR for 2/3 months and being tested again, she has a new, very short personal MIR-Method protocol, which she will follow for two more weeks and then she can stop stroking. She will probably continue because she’s noticed that it is calming. Such motivation, also considering all the difficult words she doesn’t understand. Parents help her but the perseverance is the girl’s. Now, Mom is also motivated and I have tested the MIR-Method for her. Many positive changes, only eating is still a problem.

  8. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for a good 3 weeks now and would like to share the effects and the (up until now) achieved results with you.
    I do the complete MIR-procedure (9 steps) for/with all of my children (7, 2 and 2 months old) as well as myself.

    For the youngest child (2 months old) it has resulted in his falling asleep very easily and staying asleep better. Everyone who sees him says, “What a quiet, content and sweet little boy”. And yes, that is what he emanates!
    He had thrush, which I supposed to treat with medication I got from our primary care physician. After 3 weeks of the MIR-Method, there isn’t a spot to be found in his mouth!

    From one day to the next, our daughter (2 ½) decided that she didn’t need to wear a diaper any more. She had been able to use the toilet for a while, but it was just “easier” for her to use a diaper. She’s dry all day now and has an accident seldom or never!
    She’s also had eczema since birth. Through kinesiology and a customized diet + nutritional supplements, we had this pretty well under control, but after her little brother was born, it returned with a vengeance. Now, after 3 weeks of the MIR-Method, there are almost no visible patches of it any more!

    Our son (7) talks much better now about what is on his mind. He is also more open to being reprimanded and can resolve problems in a more positive manner (together). He has more self-confidence (he’ll wait alone for a moment in the car for me and this week (with me at some distance) he did some shopping on his own.
    He is also calmer, less impulsive and able to admit to his mistakes and apologize. Quite a step in his development… and hopefully this will contribute to his self-confidence!

    Personally, I’ve been very tired and had headaches and diarrhea. In the meantime, things are going better but I’m finding it difficult to name the observable results. I am, however, convinced that something has been “touched” on a deeper level. During the MIR-Method I often seem to roam into another consciousness and have to “call myself back” to finish the other steps. Very relaxing; I fall asleep afterwards!
    Until now,
    Greetings, Pomme

  9. My experiences with Children:
    Child doesn’t pee pants any more
    Another child is less fearful
    One teenager isn’t bothered any more by his brother who was really in his system and whom he kept trying to be considerate of. She said: “Margreet, my brother doesn’t bother me any more. And my head isn’t as full; I’ve got more space”.
    Margreet Pielage
    Terra Mater

  10. I started the MIR-Method because a few things really hit me. My four-year old son had a period of great restlessness; he could also be very rambunctious, was very serious and presumably we are symbiotic in terms of emotions. We feel each other. Since I started with the “Detach father”, I have the feeling that this has brought abut a healthy change. He is quiet, cheerful, happy, it’s easy to talk with him…I am so happy about this. I was very worried about him. Now that I have detached myself from him (the father stands for all men;)), I suspect that he is also detached from my emotions and can be a child. He also has a very positive effect on me.
    Really wonderful……….

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