Please let us know what happened when you started doing the MIR-Method. Please realise that it is very normal when you feel physical and emotional reactions! Actually, be happy, because then it is very clear to you that the MIR-Method is working! Good luck and may the MIR-Method bring you much good to you and your loved ones! Mireille Mettes


Beginning – what happened when you started using the MIR-Method? — 21 Comments

  1. I just came across MIR-Method yesterday. I’m 48 and experiencing hot flashes among other auto-immune issues. The hot flashes have been really uncomfortable leading to abnormally restless nights. It came at a good time because last night I slept really well after doing the MIR-Method. I found it to be very soothing, I felt calmer, and more relaxed, I fell asleep with ease and woke up feeling well-rested, happy and with a brighter outlook on life. I know it should be done twice per day however I find myself self-soothing throughout the day saying I’m safe now. I hope that won’t be an issue. I find it very reassuring.

  2. I came across the MIR-Method by coincidence, someone had mentioned it in a comment. So I spoke to a colleague about it and she said she knew this method and even to have gotten great results after having a burn-out.
    I didn’t impose on what exactly she felt better about, but it made me very curious. She said I should try it too, that it would be good for me. As a health coach I’m always looking for different ways for people to heal themselves.
    I’ve started it yesterday and I am feeling more tired than usual and even feeling sick like I have to throw up. It happened about an hour after doing the MIR. Today the same thing occurred and I’m still feeling very tired. I did all 9 steps so maybe it was too much in one go. But I’m feeling my body is trying to let go of alot of emotional issues.
    I’m definitely going to continue doing it, I’m very curious where this will take me.

    • Dear Claire,
      Yes, I am curious too! Fatigue is a very good sign when you start the MIR-Method: your body is working really hard! Let me know how you are doing in a a few weeks.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

  3. It has been 13 days since I started at first. I felt happier than usual. Was having Gerd issue which has subsided.
    Then I started to have nightmares constantly, Bitter dry mouth and pain in lower stomach guess it is uterus. I do have fibroids. My energy level now has gone down. Woukd appreciate if got bit of an explaination for my situation. And also was going through a hard break up. But i don’t feel the hurt as much. Pls guide.

    • Dear Yojana,
      Usually energy levels go down when your body is working really hard because of the MIR-Method. Not to worry. Please make sure you drink enough water to support your body.
      If the complaints continu and you get worried, please go see your doctor. You may also want to check with a MIR-Method Coach.
      Greetings, Mireille
      P.S. Did you subscribe to the 6 weeks guidance emails? They’re free. You can do this at the home page, under ‘Newsletter’.

  4. I have started doing it 2 days ago and I have felt changes especially the digestive system. I feel it’s getting better. I want to know what to do after 4 weeks ?

    • You do the MIR-Method for at least 4 weeks. As long as you have symptoms, continue doing the MIR-Method. If you stop doing the MIR-Method and the symptoms return, you can always start again. As long as you are doing well, you can choose to only do the MIR-Method at moments when you feel the need to. Look at it this way: every day that you do the MIR-Method, is a bonus.

  5. June- 2 weeks into Mir my body felt like it had went to war with itself since I have not done anything different. I know its the method, it felt like my old self did not want to give up to the Mir, starting to feel better but still tired not as bad, all I can say is something is definitely different,will keep doing it curious to see where this goes.

  6. Its been two weeks now since I started the MIR method. I do all the nine steps morning and evening. My digestive system is slowly becoming better; light headache that stayed with me almost everyday has disappeared, my blood pressure though not always high but it has been a week now I have not been taking my BP tablets because the reading is always around 125-133 (systolic) / 77-89 (diastolic) every evening. I normally take my tablets in the evenings. I was also feeling quite anxious and stressed bordering depression the whole of February….I feel much better.

  7. I’ve been chronically ill with lots of bacterial and viral infections over the last 18 months, some more severe than others. They always linger, sometimes I end up in the hospital with high wbc, but never have a fever. No one has been able to diagnose why this is happening so in my search for answers I found your page.
    I tried the method for the first time today and when I started my nose was blocked up with green congestion and I was gagging and coughing (sick for about a month this time). When I starting rubbing my hands, I felt calmer and warmer. By the end, my nasal passageways had opened up and I had stopped coughing.
    Needless to say, I’m very excited to see what the next 4 weeks will bring.

  8. I started the method in January and the first thing I noticed was I became much clearer on my aims in life. I believe this was connected to the command, ‘Clarify Mission.’

  9. I just started today with steps 5 and 7, as a way to start practicing some self-care (I have low self worth among other things) and immediately felt different, more energetic, a sense of warmth thoughout my body and heart, my mood changed dramatically for the better and started taking actions for my improvement very consciously and happily right away.

    • Dear Vassiliki,
      GREAT! I am SO happy for you! I wish you nothing but wonderful growth and happiness and am very glad that the MIR-Method suits you!
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

  10. I have been feeling good since I first started the MIR-Method. I didn’t have depression, but a feeling of numbness for years! It’s nicer to have feelings!

    • Dear Dave,
      I am very glad that your numbness is fading and that you feel your feelings more often! If you can tell me more about it, or write a testimonials about it, I would love to hear!
      Good luck and thanks for embracing the MIR-Method!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  11. I have just done the MIR method for the first time and it feels wonderful. I feel a warmth and energy movement throughout my body. I do have various health issues- autoimmune and others, and will let you know how I go. I love the simplicity- makes sense to me. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Dear Marilyn, I just came across the M.I.R. method and would love to hear how your journey goes? Love and light, Sina

  12. I started doing the MIR immediately and after the first time I got a very strong reaction in my head. A reaction of opening up completely and… a feeling of lifting off the roof. I was grounded well and could feel everything flowing.(Anita has breast cancer and is receiving regular medical treatments.)

  13. Thank you for the MIR-list. This is the 3rd day I have been using it and I only do steps 5 and 7 like you advised for people with many physical complaints. Tuesday I had dozed off straight away after doing both steps and slept for an hour and a half! I am really worn out, so I think it really works!! I will do the steps 5 and 7 and then I will start doing all 9 steps. I am so curious!! So far so good!!

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