MIR-Method for Kids

There is a MIR-Method for Kids, meant for children between 2 – 7 years old. Children older than 7 years old may also like to do it, which is of course fine. Sometimes children younger than 7 find the MIR-Method for Kids ‘childish’ which is of course their perfect right to say. Children are always free to choose what they want to do with the MIR-Method.

MIR-Method for Kids, Instruction video.

12 sentences of the MIR-Method for Kids
The MIR-Method for Kids contains these 12 sentences. Every sentence holds a specific message and healing energy for the children.
1. There is a little sun in my tummy.
2. That little sun is there to clean me.
3. I am now like a shining sun.
4. I see thousands of other lights around me.
5. Together we are a rainbow now.
6. I choose my very own colors.
7. My daddy has his own colors.
8. My mummy has her own colors.
9. I have my own colors.
10. And my colors show me the way.
11. I hop from color to color.
12. And I end up on my own spot.

Meaning of the MIR-Method for Kids
In 2012 Mireille Mettes worked together with Berna Kuster, a primary school teacher and high-sensitive young woman to make a children’s version of the MIR-Method. But instead of just translating the 9 steps of the MIR-Method into kids’ words, Berna and Mireille had to dive into the specific world of children. It became clear to them that children have these 3 specific problems:
1. For children it is not easy to live in a world where many adults hide the truth and manipulate. It would be great if they could trust what they observe as their truth and can respond to that accordingly.
2. Many children have special gifts (telepathy, strong empathy, absorbing other people’s emotions and energy, seeing the colours of an aura, etc.) Most of these children are not believed by adults, which makes them doubt themselves, shut of their gifts, and above all they start to feel very lonely.
The MIR-Method for Kids is aimed at regaining the self confidence in children. They will start to trust their gifts again and besides that, they will come to understand and see that there are many more children like them.
3. Many children are not ‘grounded’. They do not stand with both feet on the ground. That means they have trouble with doing the daily things and that they prefer to be in a dream world, inside themselves. The MIR-Method for Kids helps them to get grounded, so they will be awake and active in the ‘real’ world.

Inner child for adults
When adults do the MIR-Method for Kids, they may feel emotions in the first few days. This is because the MIR-Method for Kids heals the inner child of an adult.


Kids — 2 Comments

  1. Can this work for my granddaughter? She is about to be 3 years old. A year ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to have emergency brain surgery to remove it…. it was cancerous. She was in a coma for 2 weeks after her surgery and when she awoke she could not move or speak. She was only two so her speech was just beginning but she knew how to say her name “Addie” and “momma” and she called me “GG” for GamGam… I haven’t heard her little voice say GG in over a year. She has something Cerebral Mutism and she is just now able to Learn a little sign language and her only sound she can make is a scream and she uses that to communicate some. She is about to begin school at a special program for disabled kids in San Bernardino county California where we live… we live in 29 Palms California. She has no real voice and it affects her. She has not been able to speak now… we have not gotten to her her soft lil breathy voice in a year. Her condition also keeps her from crying. She does not have that ability since her surgery/coma. My baby doesn’t get to have a voice in her world… but her momma and at her daddy’s house she has been learning some sign language and we do things like give her a choice between 2 things so she is able to have a say in things. You cannot ask her… say… what snack do you want… because she does not have the ability to answer.. however if you show her goldfish or chippies she can point and tell you which she chooses. I know she is angry inside. I know her personality is in there even tho she cannot fully express it right now. I’m wondering if this program may help her…?

    • Dear Adalyn,
      There is really no telling what the MIR-Method can do for her. All you can do is give it a try. In theory anything is possible, since the human body is capable of restoring and repairing so much. Besides that, it would be great if she could have her emotions lessened with the MIR-Method. It is a matter of activating the self healing and see what may come from it. I hope the parents are open to it, since they will have to want to do the MIR-Method for the girl and preferrably they also do it themselves.
      I truly hope they will want to give it a try!
      With greetings and love for your family!
      Mireile Mettes

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