Mireille Mettes is a naturopath who formerly practiced in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Prior to this, she taught English and was an Educationalist. Because of her background in education, teaching people gives her the greatest pleasure. This is what caused her to make her MIR-Method available to everyone. The more people work with it and the more autonomous they become, the happier she becomes!

At the moment, Mireille spends her time spreading the MIR-Method. This means giving lectures, answering e-mails and people’s comments, and writing about new information that is interesting for people who want to use the MIR-Method.

What really thrills Mireille is that the MIR-Method provides an answer to many of the ailments from which people suffer. You feel better about yourself, and are less influenced by other people (group pressure) and more self-disciplined and self-confident.

Mireille says, “My hope for you is that the MIR-Method does you much good!”

Team supporting Mireille
The greatest support to Mireille’s work is her husband, Remco. He created the website and takes care of all administrative work. Together, they cooperate to further spread the MIR-Method worldwide, supported by a number of big-hearted volunteers!