MIR-Method Lecture, Sept. 24th 2017, London, UK


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MIR-Method Lecture by Mireille Mettes

During the lecture Mireille describes the wondrous development of the MIR-Method. She explains:
1. how to do the MIR-Method
2. why it works
3. what you can expect
And Mireille takes the time to answer your questions.

After the lecture you will go home with new energy. You know how to do the MIR-Method and have had answers to your personal questions. And above all, you will feel you have a wonderful tool that makes you independent and helps you with health and emotional issues.

You can take home MIR-Method cards and you can buy the MIR-Method handbook.
Please bring cash money.

MIR-Method Lectures dates

Sunday September 24th, 2017
Welcome 13.30
BRACKNELL (West of London)
United Kingdom
MIR-Method Lecture by Mireille Mettes, the developer.
How the MIR-Method was developed, how to do it and what to expect.
Entrance fee: £ 20,00 (including coffee and tea)
Language: English
Please register in advance to be sure of a seat.


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