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21. The 2 secrets of moving your body. — 4 Comments

  1. I would love to see the MIR METHOD VIDEO for CHILDREN.
    I have followed instructions, but can’t seem to find the right page.

    Could you please send, or redirect me to it?

    Thanks so much!

    • Dear Ruth,
      I am sorry, but the MIR-Method video for kids no longer exists. It turned out that all the work with the MIR-Method needs to be done by adults. If the adults shake off their old burdens, children will lighten up!
      Good luck!
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

  2. Hello

    I use the MIR method from time to time… it’s like I stop when I do not need it anymore (?). I love doing it as it makes me in contact with myself. I have no health problem just some fears!!!
    Thank you for sharing it
    Catherine Moullé

    • Dear Catherine,
      Thank you for sharing! Yes, many people do that. They stop and pick it up again when they need it. Some people forget about it, because they do NOT want to be in contact with themselves, but with you it is clear that you enjoy renewing the contact. I hope all your fears will leave you and you will feel totally free!
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

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